Jonnie Taylor
23y/o female photographer/ pothead based from Los Angeles, cali.
Interest: photography, MARIJUANA, arizona tea, shrooms, COOKING, CATS, NIKON, thrift store shoppin, wine, candy, tattoos, piercings, bikes, STAR WARS, andy warhol, THE BEATLES , THOM YORKE, indie music, chipped nail polish, film cameras, scary movies, mustaches, adventures, BONG RIPS, fisheye photos, classic cars, 50s/ 60s/ 70s eras, hugs, jelly fish, clouds, street/xmas lights, haters, cupcakes, los angeles at night, driving around
instagram; hurricanecochina
#blunted #bananaog #dank @john_everett1326  (Taken with Instagram)

#blunted #bananaog #dank @john_everett1326 (Taken with Instagram)

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